Our Team

Solutions to new challenges such as climate risks and COVID-19 demand a combination of socio-ecological and technological skills. We appoint Consultants strictly based on specialty and for this reason most Consultants are Freelancer; being hired only for their rare skills and competence. This innovative and smart-partnership approach enables us to deliver project out-puts of higher value and impacts.

On the ground project activities are managed, implemented and administered by the Principal Consultant, assisted by Project Administrator.
She has a BSc. (Hons) in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (University of Namibia), a Postgraduate Diploma in environmental management (Stellenbosch University) and a Postgradute Diploma in Education (International University of Management.
Project Administrator

Ms. Naemi Nelumbu

Our Intern (Ms. Rosa-Talohole Naboth) is studying towards her B.Tech. Degree in Regional planning at Namibia University for Science and Technology. She is very focused, detail-oriented and an invaluable asset.